Sunwest Mowing will give you Extremely Reliable Lawn Care & Gardening Services in Perth Northern Suburbs, Good Job and Well Priced!

We work 7 days per week, and will give you personalised service on your work needed to be done. You can have one off jobs, or have your jobs scheduled throughout the year. We have insurance on all our work for your peace of mind!

Extremely Reliable

Well Priced!

Lawn Care & Gardening Services

Why Pick Sunwest Mowing? Because we're the BEST!

You get more time from us to do your work, and we don't rush your jobs. Lots of companies out there service all of Perth, so they spend more time travelling and less time working!

We focus on Perth's Northern Suburbs - All our equipment and Team Members are located North of the River, so we spend less time travelling, and more time doing your work! See some of our before and after work below. 

Hello, are you having lawn and gardening problems?

Do you live in Perth, North of the River?

Call Jack, our Team Leader from Sunwest Mowing on 0413 765 000 for a FREE quote! We work 7 days/week. All our work is insured for your peace of mind!

If it's after hours, fill our FREE quote form, and one of our Team Leaders will contact you when they start work the next day.

What Do Sunwest Mowing Do? We focus on Lawn Care and Gardening Services 

Lawn Mowing

You can have any type of lawn, and of any height. If you want obstacles moved, you can also request this. You can set a schedule with us to have your lawns looked after throughout the year for your convenience. This is usually cheaper for you in the long run because maintaining your lawns is a lot faster than mowing it when it's very high. We can also save travelling time as we can schedule you when it's convenient for us as we can do other jobs in your area on the same day. Click here to see our work that we've done.

Click here to get a FREE quote for your work needed to be done or call Jack on 0413 765 000


Edging is the edges on your lawn to have a nice border look. You can select to have your lawns edged to have that nice professional look. Click here to see our work that we've done.

Click here to get a FREE quote for your work needed to be done or call Jack on 0413 765 000 

Hedge Trimming

You can have your hedges trimmed, and cut into the shape you want. We can cut up to 4 or 5 metres high. Higher than 5 metres, we'll need more specalised equipment. We havn't said no to any hedge trimming yet, so give Jack a call (0413 765 000) for a FREE quote. Jack will come to you, check out your hedges, and give you a quote on the spot. Click here to see our work that we've done.


If you want your lawns or garden looked after and fertilized, Sunwest Mowing can do this for you. We buy in bulk to save you money, and use different fertilizer depending on what plants and garden you have. Call Jack on 0413 765 000 for a FREE quote on looking after your garden, or contact us here for a FREE quote.


If your garden or lawn has a weed problem, contact us at Sunwest Mowing to look after this problem for you. Depending on the problem, we can remove the weed, and also use special chemicals to treat the weed to kill it. We don't use the Bunnings type chemical, as some of them don't work properly. We use the specalised trade commerical type, and buy them in bulk to save you money. We'll supply the chemical, apply it to your garden or lawn. Please note if you have pets, you'll need to keep them away for awhile as a safety precaution. You can call Jack on 0413 765 000 for more information. See our past jobs to see what we can do for you.


We can do mulching on your gardens and lawn. We supply the mulch for you and will put it on your lawns and garden properly, and will give you a price. You can see our past jobs here, or contact us here for a FREE quote.

Tree Lopping

If you need trees or plants cut down, we can do this for you. There's no job too big or too small for us to handle. All our work is insured, so you have peace of mind in case anything goes wrong. We handle tree lopping extremely carefully, as it's very dangerous if your trees are very tall. Call Jack for a professional free quote on 0413 765 000. See our previous jobs here.

All Home Gardening Services

If you have any other home gardening service that you need done, we can do the job for you. You can depend on us as we're extremely reliable. We're located in the Perth Northern Suburbs, so call us for your local work required. See our other jobs that we've done here.

Click here to get a FREE quote for your work needed to be done or call Jack on 0413 765 000